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How does Catalonia rank in comparison to Germany, France, the Netherlands, Italy, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Portugal, UK, Ireland, and Romania?

Compare Catalonia to Portugal

Catalonia vs Portugal.

  • Better tax incentives & Lower compliance

    • Patent box

      Catalonia: 10% | Portugal: 10.5%

      ETR on patent box income

    • Tax credit on R&D expenses

      Catalonia: up to 59% | Portugal: up to 32.5%

    • Time to comply

      Catalonia: 143 | Portugal: 243

      Amount of time in yearly hours. Regional average is 161.

  • More cost efficient labor market

    • Workforce skills

      Catalonia: 11% | Portugal: 10%

      The share of people aged between 25 and 64 who indicate they have received recent education or training

    • Productivity

      Catalonia: $52.3 | Portugal: $40.0

      Measured as the amount contributed to GPD by every hour worked.