Compare Catalonia to Ireland

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In recent times, both Ireland and Catalonia have experienced substantial economic growth attributable to their distinct policies and structures.

Analyzing crucial indicators such as GDP, tax incentives, and labor costs is essential to understand the potential and benefits of each region's economy. By examining these key indicators, valuable insights into Catalonia and Ireland's economic landscapes can be gained, empowering individuals to make well-informed business decisions.

Below you'll find a comparison of Catalonia and Ireland, showing similarities and differences between their economies.

Catalonia vs Ireland.

  • Better tax incentives

    • R&D tax credit on certain expenses

      Catalonia: up to 59% | Ireland: up to 37.5%


  • More cost efficient labor market

    • Estimated hourly labor costs

      Catalonia: 22.8€ | Ireland: 32.3€

      The labor cost per hour is calculated as Compensation of employees + Vocational training costs+ Other expenditures + Taxes - Subsidies

    • Workforce skills

      Catalonia: 14.33% | Ireland: 19.78%

      Proportion of low-wage earners.

  • Lower cost of living

    • Price level index

      Catalonia: 97.5 | Ireland: 140

      A comparison of countries' price levels relative to the EU average (EU-28=100)

    • Indirect taxes

      Catalonia: 21% | Ireland: 23%

      VAT rate.