Ultra-high voltage research picks Terrassa

01 Feb 2017

Currently, the high-voltage grids in Europe run at up to 400,000 volts, but when they reach the limit of their capacity the electrical losses are greater. This problem can be seen, for example, when you are walking on a forest path and pass under high-voltage lines, and can hear the sound of sparks coming from the devices that connect the lines. These sparks, depending on the direction of the wind, can cause forest fires. "If we can manage to reduce the current loss of electricity, this will reduce the sparks from the towers, which will in turn reduce the risk of fires", said Pérez. 

In addition, the new center will carry out R&D projects related with energy and climate change, clean energy production, and energy efficiency, with a special emphasis on the area of electricity transmission and sustainable mobility. "At this laboratory we will respond to the needs of the transport sector for new renewable energies such as solar and wind power", said José Luis Romeral, director of the center and of MCIA. 

The founders of AMBER have already had success with a project for efficient energy connections between the US and Canada. Future projects will include improving electrical inter-connections between different European countries, as well as new electrical grids in developing countries. The market is not a small one: it represents 80 billion euros annually, and will grow by 25% over the next 15 years.

Source: Diari Ara

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