Travelclick concentrates its emea client services centre in barcelona

01 Jan 2014

Travelclick has finalised the installation of its european, african and middle eastern client service centre in barcelona, creating 50 jobs in the process. the centre, previously located in poland and the philippines, went operational last year and now is working at full capacity, offering telephone assistance in 10 languages. the catalan government, through the offices of invest in catalonia, supported the investment project.


travelclick, present in catalonia since 2002, offers ecommerce solutions to hotels around the world, in the areas of online bookings and client handling, business intelligence, web page administration, and publicity and marketing services. prior to this operation the company had 125 workers in barcelona.

in choosing catalonia’s capital, the firm took into consideration the city’s international character, the fact that it is within a european market time zone, its european mind-set, as well as the education, training and language skills of local professionals.

travelclick’s headquarters are in new york and it has offices in the united states, dubai, hong king, shanghai, tokyo and melbourne. globally it employs over 1000 workers.

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