The Venture platform for startups OneRagtime, of French origin, launches in Barcelona and creates 10 jobs

31 May 2018

The venture platform for startups OneRagtime, of French origin, have opened an office in Barcelona and has created 10 jobs, with plans to expand soon. The company accompanies startups and entrepreneurs from the initial stages of their business and supports them through their community of qualified investors worldwide on their crowdequity platform, which is available on both mobile phones and the web.

To become established in Barcelona, ​​OneRagtime have received the support of Catalonia Trade & Investment.

OneRagtime’s office in Barcelona will act, jointly with Paris, as their development hub alongside their presence in London and Tel Aviv. They have already supported 7 European startups, including Gestoos, the first investment the platform performed in the country. In this first year of activity in Spain, the company has also successfully secured its first exit out of one of the startups.

According to OneRagtime's operations manager, Josep Solé, "Barcelona is a very interesting startup and talent hub from which we can serve the rest of Europe". "We define ourselves as a disruptive investment platform and our goal is to help startups become the next global champions", Solé explains.

The company, which started its business in 2016, is also present in Paris, London and Tel Aviv and intends to open new offices soon to cover other international markets. Overall, the platform has a network of over 500 investors, which provide startups with funding, but also advise them through their operational experience, offer them contacts at an international level, and provide business development, technology and talent management resources. OneRagtime, founded by Stéphanie Hospital and Jean-Marie Messier, funded and accompanied startups for more than 20 million euros in 2017.

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