The italian company co.mark chooses barcelona to open its first office outside italy

05 Oct 2015

Co.Mark Spa, a consulting firm specialized in export services, has opened a subsidiary in barcelona from which to extend its services in spain. the italian company services include searching for new customers, creating sales networks, and supporting customers from the initial trade negotiations to the definition of orders. 

alessandro ingarsia, head of the barcelona office, explains that the italian company has chosen barcelona to open the first branch outside italy because "barcelona and catalonia have a cultural and business mentality very close to that of italy, and catalan and italian smes are of a similar size with a production capacity also alike." 

co.mark has more than 150 employees and 20 offices in italy through which it covers the whole country. for 2015, the italian company expects a turnover of 18 million euros, a 20% more than in 2014. 

this investment has had the support of catalonia trade & investment, the area of accio that works to attract foreign investment.

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