Fashion company wsg to open its european headquarters in barcelona

09 Feb 2016

Barcelona, february 9, 2016. – wsg, the supplier of trims and complementary products for the textile and fashion industry, has invested 1 million euros in the opening of its european headquarters in the born district of barcelona. this new company headquarters will also include a design studio. wsg is the result of the fusion of the north american firm sotastyle and the chinese firm wellfit. 

apart from its european headquarters in catalonia, the firm also has international headquarters in new york and hong kong, as well as factories and offices in europe, the united states, india, china and egypt. the wsg group has a turnover of more than 14 million euros, and works for brands such as gap, abercrombie & fitch, mango, inditex, benetton, hugo boss, desigual and michael kors, among others. 

to open its headquarters in barcelona, wsg counted on the support of catalonia trade & investment, the catalan government’s public agency for attracting foreign investment. the government advised the company on catalonia’s legal, labour and tax conditions and put the firm in contact with première vision, the world’s benchmark trade fair in french fashion being celebrated in paris at this time. in last year’s fair wsg was invited to present its new collections. 

furthermore, catalonia trade & investment introduced the company into the catalan design and fashion ecosystem, and various key local players in this area supported wsg in the opening of its european headquarters. the act saw the presence of representatives of european brands such as abercrombie & fitch, max mara, marc jacobs, benetton and mango, among others. 

wsg’s marketing and sales director and co-founder, stephan hotis, explains that the company chose barcelona to install its european headquarters because “it has a privileged location that, as a company, allows us to learn from top brand leaders such as inditex, desigual and mango, as well as identify their needs and offer them a global and innovative solution”. hotis goes on to explain that “the main part of the production of many european brands centralised in portugal, turkey, tunisia and morocco. therefore, barcelona is the ideal spot from which to offer the best service to our clients”. 

hotis also explains that “barcelona is to european countries what miami-florida is to the united states: a place with great weather, beaches, cultural diversity, inspiration and quality of life. however, barcelona is better than miami given that the designers in the united states and all over the world are in love with the history of catalonia and find inspiration in its art, buildings and its whole environment. barcelona, as a city, is a refreshing combination of past and present”. 

these new headquarters for wsg initially represent the creation of 7 jobs, and the company expects to double that figure in the short term. furthermore, wsg will also soon open a sales office in galicia, joining the list of its other sales offices in europe. 

the common goal of the wsg group is to become one of the most known, respected and innovative companies in the area of trims and complementary products, and to provide quality products to the fashion industry. wsg offers a global solution and has become a leading firm in the fashion sector.

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