Ebay enterprise grows in barcelona and creates 100 new jobs

01 Jan 2014

American ebay enterprise has opened new offices in barcelona and has announced the creation of over 100 new jobs. the company has decided to expand its presence in the catalan capital from where it offers digital marketing and e-commerce services to other companies. 

last year, the company's sales e-commerce customers in europe grew by 27%. that is why the company has moved to larger and new offices, 2,000 m2, in 22@barcelona, the innovation district of the city. 

the investment project has been supported by the government of catalonia through invest in catalonia-accio. 

accio ceo joan tarradellas declared that “this investment shows that leader tech companies like ebay are aware of the attractiveness of catalonia” and emphasized the fact that “this project will create new value added jobs and will have a positive impact on the catalan economy”. 

there are currently over 600 american firms in catalonia. last year american investments in catalonia reached 710 million euros

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