CI Games opens videogame development studio in Barcelona

14 Sep 2020

International videogame developer CI Games has opened a new studio in Barcelona. Hexworks studio will focus on the development of action and fantasy role-playing games. The company currently has a team of 25 professionals with expertise in AAA game development and plans to double the headcount over the next 12 months.

CI Games CEO Marek Tyminsky said Barcelona has an "increasingly consolidated" digital, technological and gaming ecosystem and was "very pleased to be part of it". “We’re here to stay,” he says.

The arrival of Hexworks is part of CI Games’ growing focus on developing its own IPs, which is bringing very positive results to the company globally, the company explains. The new initiative is spurred by 5.7 million euro that CI Games has just raised from investors.

Source: ACN and CI Games

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