Catalonia exhibits 100 products at the Milano Design Week, the sector’s main event in the world

10 Apr 2019

The aim of this initiative is to position Catalonia’s design sector and the Barcelona brand with an exhibition inspired by values such as creativity, design, architecture and trends. The exhibition revolves around the Mediterranean nature of design made in Barcelona with four basic concepts that define the city: warm, diverse, open and emotional.

The exhibition, which is deployed in two different halls, has been designed and conceptualized by Emiliana Design Studio and the Association of Interior Designers and Decorators of Catalonia. The exhibition is inspired by natural materials and warm colours and has different platforms for companies to show their products and do business in the sector’s most important event globally.

Catalan and Barcelona designers
The companies and designers that are taking part in the exhibition are Aparentment, Apparatu, Arlex Design, Arquetypo, Arthur Holm, Barcelona Rugs, Bassols, BD Barcelona, Bover, Calma, Cármenes, Carpyen, Ceràmica Ferrés, Cosentino, El Torrent Il·luminació, Escofet, Estiluz, Faro Barcelona, Font Group, Hobby Flower, Indoors, Industrias Cosmic, JG Open Systems, Joquer, Kettal, Kriskadecor, Lagranja Design, Lamp, Livingthings, Lobo Studio, Made Design Barcelona, Marset, Martin Azúa Numbered, Metalarte, MikMax Barcelona, Mobenia, Mobles 114, Murmull, Nanimarquina, Niru Barcelona, Nomon, Octaevo, Resol Barcelona Dd, RS Barcelona, Santa & Cole, Teixidors, Toru, TUNDS, Vergés and Vibia.


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