Catalan exports grow 9.5% in the first half of the year and reach 35,640 million euros

12 Sep 2017

  • It is the best first half-year on record with year-on-year growth (+ 9.5%) higher than the EU average (+ 7.9%) and that of countries such as Italy (+ 8%), Germany (+ 6.1%) or France (+ 3.5%).
  • Noteworthy, in terms of sectors, are Catalan sales abroad of chemical products (with an increase of 8.2%), automotive (+ 5.8%) and capital goods (+ 1.6%).
  • Exports grow in the first half year in the four Catalan provinces and account for 25.3% of total Spanish exports.

Catalan exports registered a growth of 9.5% in the first half of 2017 over the same period the previous year and reached 35.640 million euros. This is the best first half-year on record

This growth of 9.5% registered in Catalonia in the January-June period is higher than the EU average (7.9%) and than countries such as Italy (+ 8%), Germany (+6.1%) or France (+ 3.5%). With these first half-year results Catalan exports abroad represent 25.3% of total Spanish exports.

As regards sectors, according to data from the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness, Catalan exports have been led in the first half-year by chemical products (which reached 9,329 million euros and grew by 8.2% compared to the first half-year in 2016). Also noteworthy are sales abroad of capital goods (6,266 million euros, + 1.6%) and automotive (5,607 million euros, + 5.8%).

In this period, exports have undergone significant increases in the four Catalan provinces: Barcelona (+ 7.5%), Girona (+ 14.2%), Lleida (+ 13.5%) and Tarragona (+ 20.5%).

The latest figures published are for the month of June, in which exports grew 5.6% compared to the same month in 2016 and reached 6,134.5 million euros, the highest figure on record for the month of June. The four Catalan provinces also registered growth: Barcelona (+ 1%), Girona (+21.8), Lleida (+ 5%) and Tarragona (+ 35.3%).

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