Barcelona is one of the 10 most attractive European cities for university studies

20 Mar 2017

Barcelona ranks as the southern Europe’s most attractive city for university studies, according to the latest QS 2017 Best Cities ranking. In it, the capital of Catalonia is in the top 10 in Europe and the 23rd worldwide and is the most favoured city in Spain ahead of Madrid and Valencia. In Europe, Barcelona holds 8th position, behind Paris, London, Berlin, Munich, Zurich, Vienna and Edinburgh.

The QS Best Cities ranking this year includes this year a noteworthy new category, Student View, which features answers to a survey shared with over 18,000 students on the experience of studying in the city. Parameters include issues such as tolerance, job opportunities, mobility, cost of living, leisure as well as the prospect of staying there another year.

In this survey, Barcelona stands out in the ranking for its highly attractive living conditions (climate, gastronomy, cultural offer, etc.), for the chance to study in universities with top positions in global rankings and thanks to its large international university community.

Indeed, Catalonia universities, in terms of degrees and masters, are in the top 50 worldwide by QS by Subject in fields as diverse as Business and Management, Architecture, Anatomy and Physiology, Veterinary Medicine, among others. In Europe, Catalan universities get even more outstanding results, ranking either in the European top 10 or top 20.

These rankings are extremely important in a classification that analyses 1,107 universities around the world, 469 of them in Europe. Furthermore, the highly visible presence of Catalan universities in the most prestigious international rankings favours the internationalisation of the system.

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