Alphanumeric will create a contact centre for emea in barcelona

01 Jan 2014

Alphanumeric, an itc services company based in raleigh nc, will establish a new contact center at 22@, barcelona’s innovation and knowledge district. the new alphanumeric center will focus on customers operating in the emea region, and will be initially staffed with 70 people, offering service in 11 languages. 

jay baucom, operations vp for the company has stated that “the global presence achieved by alphanumeric in the recent months is the result of a flexible business philosophy and our committment to fulfill the needs of our customers worldwide”. baucom has added that the company “wants to be positioned to be able to react rapidly to market conditions and customer’s needs”. 

the company has been assisted by invest in catalonia in key aspects such as labour relations, recruiting, and fiscal legislation related to the project. 

alphanumeric, with offices in philadelphia, montreal and london, employs more than 500 people worldwide. the company offers itc solutions such as information management services, contact centers, and hardware & software management. it operates in  different sectors, from health to education and from pharmaceutical and biosciences to professional industries.

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