17 Catalan wineries present their wines and cavas in Denver to enter the US market

18 May 2016

Catalonia’s wine sector has a very sound and competitive structure, with over 11,705 vine growers and more than 500 bottling wineries. Over 22,000 people work in the vineyards, in wineries or in the service sector. Wine unites economy and culture. The Government of Catalonia has firmly committed itself to quality in order to make Catalonia the leading top-quality producer in Spain. Nearly all Catalonia’s wine production has an Appellation of Origin status, which provides the added value of guaranteed traceability and compliance with the quality regulations.

Wine and Cava, both of which account for net sales of over 1,000 million euros per year, make up the third largest sector in Catalonia’s food and agriculture industry. In terms of foreign trade, Catalonia exports primarily to the rest of Europe, the United States and Japan.
Gastronomy is big in Catalonia with 50 restaurants having Michelin stars, thanks to a dynamic blend of tradition and innovation. The gourmet food sector is growing rapidly with consumers searching for unique, quality products. Ferran and Albert Adrià, the Roca Brothers or Carme Ruscalleda, to name just a few, put Catalonia on the worldwide culinary map.

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