15 Barcelona start-ups come to Disrupt SF 2016 with the latest tech innovations in digital health, IoT, artificial intelligence and virtual reality

07 Sep 2016

Barcelona, September 8th, 2016. – 15 Barcelona start-ups are travelling to San Francisco to participate next week in Disrupt SF 2016, a global benchmark event in the field of new entrepreneurial projects featuring disruptive technology. Catalonia’s agency for economic promotion, Catalonia Trade & Investment, has been responsible for selecting these 15 best companies – together with Tech Crunch – and organising the trade mission to California so the start-ups can participate in Disrupt SF 2016. 

The different business projects feature disruptive technologies in the field of digital health, the Internet of Things (IoT), AI, virtual reality, AgTech and EdTech. The 15 start-ups in the Catalan Pavilion are: Agroptima, Broomx Technologies, Bwom Technologies, Eodyne, Gestoos, HealthApp, Kompyte, Ledmotive, Mint Labs, tech4freedom, Restb, Sekg, Mediktor, The Construct and Zolertia. Below you can read the description of each one. 

Media  and  journalists  interested  in  receiving  more  information  on  the  Catalan delegation  or in  interviewing  the  start-ups  can  do  so  directly  in  the  Catalan Pavilion  or via mail atsiliconvalley@catalonia.com

During the event, the start-ups will meet with major companies and American investors – contacts made by the Office of Catalonia Trade & Investment in Silicon Valley – and will present their projects to the disruptive innovation entrepreneurial ecosystem in the region. In total, 128 Catalan companies applied to be part of this mission, and those selected have received advice and support from Catalonia Trade & Investment to prepare the presentations they will make to the US investors. 

On Thursday September 15th, the Barcelona delegation will be hosting the private DemoDisruptevent with the presence of some 50 American investors and companies. The session will be held in the SAMSUNG facilities in Silicon Valley. This will provide a more direct and intimate setting with the fifteen founders. Additionally, it will be an excellent opportunity to engage the leaders and representatives of Catalonia’s innovation and start-up ecosystem amid food and drinks after the fifteen elevator pitches made by the companies.

Barcelona, the land of entrepreneurs
With 7.5 million inhabitants, Catalonia accounts for 16% of the Spanish population despite being responsible for 20% of its GDP and 23% of industry. Catalan exports come to almost half the value of its GDP and, as international studies performed by Ernest & Young or the Financial Times indicate, it leads Europe in foreign investment attraction. 

Its capital, Barcelona, acts as a magnet for business and international talent. It hosts the Mobile World Congress (MWC), and has established itself as one of Europe’s main hubs for entrepreneurship thanks to a strong network of shared work-places, fab-lab market places, leading universities on an international level and unique lifestyle. With start-ups being one of the strongest employment and income creators in Europe, Barcelona is the 5th Start-up Region in Europe according to Compass and Catalonia Trade & Investment, behind London, Paris, Berlin and Amsterdam. The CITIE 2015 report lists Barcelona as the 4th Best city favouring digital entrepreneurship.

Find out the 15 companies with disruptive innovations. 

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