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Access the latest videos about FDI in Catalonia, industry news, foreign investment success stories, and testimonials from international companies in Barcelona-Catalonia.

  • Barcelona & Catalonia, a Love Story

    Come to Barcelona-Catalonia, a place that makes the difference. Where you will find inspiration and innovation with values.

  • Catalonia Trade & Investment Services

    Catalonia Trade & Investment offers personalized and free-of-charge services to companies, such as access to suppliers and technology providers, support in residence permits, mobility, and a full business location service.

  • Why do big companies choose Barcelona? Digital Hubs in the city

    Barcelona is a hotspot for digital hubs in Europe. International companies PepsiCo, Nestlé, Danone, and Cisco shared the reasons why they decided to set up their tech hubs in the city.

  • Catalonia Trade & Investment attracts a record investment in 2022

    Catalonia Trade & Investment attracted 620 million euros of foreign investment in 2022. This is 1.2% over the previous year and the highest figure on record. During 2022, it executed 94 investment projects of foreign companies, creating 3,464 jobs, 11% more than in 2021.

  • Barcelona-Catalonia, Southern Europe’s hub for the gaming industry

    Barcelona-Catalonia is the largest video-games hub in Southern Europe, offering a great opportunity for global studios seeking to open their European headquarters. Scopely, King, Ubisoft and SocialPoint highlight in this video how they enjoy a talented and highly skilled workforce in Barcelona.

  • Catalonia, a global tech hub

    Porsche Digital and Microsoft participated in Tech Spirit Barcelona to share their experiences setting up global tech hubs in Barcelona-Catalonia. Top talent, a booming startup economy and a great quality of life are among the main reasons they decided to settle in the city.