Looking back on 2021



As we approach the end of the year, we’d like to review and look back on what 2021 has meant to Barcelona-Catalonia in terms of foreign investment.

Barcelona-Catalonia has flourished as a tech hub for global companies, welcoming new projects such as those from PepsiCo, Microsoft, Porsche Digital, or Festo.

Not in vain has Barcelona been recognised as the most technological city in Southern Europe (Business Insider), and the 5th most attractive city among digital experts to move to (Boston Consulting Group).

Barcelona-Catalonia, furthermore, holds its position as an industrial powerhouse in Europe; a fact that means that foreign companies can always find top-level suppliers in Catalonia throughout their entire value chain.

Therefore, many multinational companies have chosen Catalonia to establish their operations for Southern Europe, such as Amazon, Maersk, and Decathlon.

We’d like to invite you to have a look at the latest investments announced in 2021 and discover a variety of experiences from leading companies in Barcelona-Catalonia.

For 2022, our efforts will be focused on strengthening our key assets to keep attracting new investments: talent, innovation, industry, and competitiveness.

Catalonia Trade & Investment wishes you a safe and happy holiday season!