Why Asia loves Catalonia


The increasing importance of economic relations between Catalonia and Asia is hard to exaggerate. Asia is the fastest growing economic region in the world and Catalonia – the driving economy in Southern Europe – is well placed to take advantage of the new business opportunities that arise.

Asian countries are already tapping into Catalonia’s diverse economic assets. Its location in the Mediterranean and its transport infrastructures, as well as its trading, entrepreneurial and open economy have all given it a top ranking strategic position in the south of Europe; with Barcelona as an unbeatable meeting point for international business.

Over the last 5 years, the setting up of Asian companies in Catalonia has experienced a rapid increase, going from 195 in 2013 to 653 in 2018, meaning a remarkable growth of 230%. Automotive – 7% of Catalonia’s GDP –, consulting and chemical sectors are the top 3 areas of Asian investment in Catalonia.


Why Asia loves Catalonia

Catalonia Trade & Investment is actively pursuing new investments from Asia and has several initiatives undergoing and in line with this goal.

Barceloc, the gateway to Europe and North Africa

In the logistics sector, taking advantage of Catalonia’s geostrategic position to access European and North African markets, Asian companies enjoy a special service dedicated to their investment needs. The Barceloc platform offers a portfolio of tailor-made services for Asian investors looking to establish a distribution centre in Catalonia. To learn more, you can discover 5 reasons why Barceloc is the gateway to Europe and North Africa for Asian companies.

China explores Catalonia's future vehicle technology 

Catalonia Trade & Investment also aims at promoting collaboration agreements and synergies between Asian and Catalan companies, especially when high technology is involved. In this sense, China is already exploring Catalonia’s potential in future vehicle technology. From May 8th to 10th, a delegation of Chinese and Hong Kong automotive companies will be in Catalonia discovering the strengths and opportunities of electric and connected vehicles. The business agenda includes meetings with main players in the Catalan automotive sector.

Hong Kong, guest city at Catalonia's main Investment Forum

Driving connections with Asia’s booming startup ecosystem is also a must for Catalonia’s economy. This year, Hong Kong will be the guest city at Catalonia’s main Investment Forum, scheduled for May 8th. Ranked 4th for ease of doing business according to the World Bank, Hong Kong is a leading global financial hub with an estimated 3,000+ startups. Representatives of venture capital funds from Hong Kong will take part at the Investment Forum as members of the panel and will build connections with Catalan startups.

11 offices in Asia to connect you to Catalonia

Asia and Catalonia will continue to strengthen their economic relations in the future, and to do so Catalonia Trade & Investment offers assessment and ongoing support from 11 offices that are the key to enter the Catalan market for Asian companies. You can find us in Tokyo, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Singapore, Seoul, Beijing, Mumbai, Dubai, Iran, Israel and Turkey.