The Catalan Government announces the opening of six new worldwide foreign Trade and Investment Offices in 2017

Thu Feb 09 00:00:00 UTC 2017

  • Minister Baiget has made public that in the first quarter of this year they will have opened offices in Zagreb (Croatia), Nairobi, (Kenya) and Teheran (Iran), and that before the end of the year the other offices will be operating in Los Angeles (USA), Havana (Cuba) and Amsterdam (Netherlands). 
  • Baiget explained that these new offices, which increases the office network abroad from 36 to 42, is part of a strategy to boost internationalisation of Catalan companies. 
  • This year ACCIÓ will give support and organise 138 trade missions to 59 countries, with the participation of over 1,000 companies.

The Minister for Business and Knowledge, Jordi Baiget, has announced in a press conference this Thursday the new initiatives the Catalan Government is undertaking in 2017 to intensify the internationalisation of Catalan companies. These entail the opening of six new Foreign Trade and Investment Offices around the world and the support and organisation of 138 foreign trade missions.

The Catalan Government, through the offices of Catalonia Trade & Investment, the Catalan Government agency for business competitiveness, will open six new Catalan Foreign Trade and Investment Offices. Specifically, in the first quarter of the 2017 the Zagreb offices (covering the Balkan region), Nairobi (Kenya) and Teheran (Iran) will be opened. In a second phase, before the end of the year, offices in Los Angeles (USA), Havana (Cuba) and Amsterdam (Netherlands) will have been opened.

In all, the entire office network abroad is strengthened, going from 36 offices to 42, covering 109 markets in order to continue intensifying and diversifying Catalan exports. The decision to open new offices abroad is based on active and proactive response to the needs of businesses. This business view is contrasted with studies of analysis and prospection in potential markets, identifying the sectoral opportunities and with an analysis of the geopolitical situation in which the market is located.


The missions have become, for Catalan companies, one of the most direct tools to investigate new markets, to find business opportunities and local partners. Between 2014 and 2016, 274 international missions have been supported and organised out of Catalonia Trade and Investment, with the participation of 2,160 companies.

With the aim of further boosting Catalan business presence abroad, Catalonia Trade and Investment will organize and support 138 business missions in 2017, with a forecasted participation of over 1,000 companies from all areas of the Catalan economy: 48 missions are in America, 33 in Europe, 30 in Africa-Middle East and 27 in the Asia Pacific area. In total, 59 different countries worldwide will be visited.

Of these missions, nine of which will be institutionally led, special mention must be given to the trade mission to Shanghai and Hong Kong in late March, the participation in The Next Web event in Amsterdam and in Disrupt in San Francisco and the missions in the field of video games to Korea and lightweight construction in Germany.