Catalonia's high-tech exports grow 18.2% in 2022

Catalonia's high-tech exports grow 18.2% in 2022

Catalan Economy

14 Apr 2023

High-tech export sales stood at 11,576 million euros, the highest figure for the seventh year running.

Catalonia's high-tech exports reached 11,575.8 million euros, representing 12.9% of all Catalan exports and 26.8% of Spain as a whole at this level.

According to the Statistical Institute of Catalonia (Idescat), the 18.2% increase in sales in 2022 is due to the excellent performance in all product groups. Pharmaceuticals increased by 20.9%; computer, electronic and optical products by 8.3%; and other products by 91.3%.

As regards geographical destinations, sales to the European Union and those aimed outside the EU have grown at a similar rate (18.5% and 18%, respectively).

On the other hand, sales abroad of medium-high-level industrial products have grown by 18.4% annually and reached a value of 40,530.7 million euros in 2022, representing 45.2% of Catalonia's industrial exports and 31.3% of Spain's exports at this level.

All groups of medium-high-level industrial products have increased their sales abroad: chemicals by 17.3%, automotive and electrical equipment, machinery and vehicles by 19.9% and other products by 10.1%.

In terms of geographical area, sales of medium-high industrial products have increased in the European Union and the rest of the world (20.4% and 15.2%, respectively).

Global increase in Catalan exports

Exports of industrial products from Catalonia hit 89,740.8 million euros in 2022, representing an annual increase of 17.7% and in line with the growing trend shown the previous year (20.7%) after the drop registered in 2020.

Source: Idescat


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