Catalonia is home to over 300 EdTech companies, tripling pre-pandemic numbers

Catalan Economy

18 Jun 2024

The EdTech sector in Barcelona-Catalonia currently generates nearly 900 million euros in annual business volume and more than 4,500 jobs.

The sector of technologies applied to education in Catalonia comprises 319 companies, more than triple the number before the COVID-19 pandemic (in 2019, 98 companies were identified). This is one of the main conclusions of the study The Edtech Industry in Catalonia (.PDF document) conducted by the Government via ACCIÓ-Catalonia Trade & Investment, the agency for business competitiveness of the Ministry for Business and Labour—in collaboration with the Edutech Cluster.

“Trends such as artificial intelligence, the use of immersive technologies, and gamification will impact the educational sector”

Joan Romero, ACCIÓ-Catalonia Trade & Investment's Executive Director

According to the document presented this Monday by ACCIÓ-Catalonia Trade & Investment's Executive Director, Joan Romero, the Edtech sector currently generates nearly 900 million euros in annual business volume in Catalonia (106% more than in 2019) and 4,500 jobs (110% more). The report highlights that the sector has experienced rapid growth due to the pandemic, which caused educational institutions worldwide to swiftly incorporate online education services.

In Catalonia, in terms of revenue volume, the sector is mainly made up of traditional publishers, generating 58% of the business volume, with a growing transition towards digital content. Following are infrastructure and equipment providers (large technology companies and consultancies with specialized business lines in education) with 20% of the total, and software and digital support tool providers with 8%. The sector is rounded out by consultancies, companies creating digital content, and comprehensive management platforms for educational institutions.

Trends and opportunities

The study presented this Monday highlights the emergence of new business opportunities for Catalan companies in the sector related to immersive technologies, gamification of education, the use of big data and artificial intelligence, collaborative robotics, and cybersecurity.

For example, in the field of Vocational Training, the report states that it is one of the key areas where knowledge and new teaching approaches can be introduced, using technology to generate immersive, dynamic learning that closely resembles the work environments students will encounter when they enter the labor market. Similarly, there are business opportunities in the corporate sector, where the demand for virtual spaces for ongoing training is growing, along with tools to promote cooperation and teamwork.

Regarding artificial intelligence, the study concludes that it will be one of the key technologies in the coming years as it will enable companies in the sector to automate processes, generate personalized content, and expand the range of practices and training. Furthermore, it will allow for the creation of databases and the analysis of user behavior patterns. The ability to adapt to new realities means that teaching businesses and platforms can also offer high performance in an increasingly multi-device environment, where users can access work tools at any time. This also opens up opportunities for generating projects that work with tablets, VR glasses, or interactive screens, among others.

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