Boehringer Ingelheim is investing over €46.1 million in research and development in Spain

23 May 2023

The company’s corporate headquarters, located in Sant Cugat del Vallès (Barcelona), has become a strategic site for the Group on a global level.

German pharmaceutical company Boehringer Ingelheim Spain broke once again its record for investment in research, development, and innovation (R&D&I) in 2022, with a figure that rises to 46.1 million euros, 8.2% more than in 2021 (€42.6M). 

The company's corporate headquarters, located in Sant Cugat del Vallès (Barcelona), have 2 strategic international production plants for specialty pharmaceuticals for which 189.3 million euros have been invested over the last 6 years. In addition, the company also has 2 units dedicated to R&D&I activities: the clinical development and operations area and the pharmaceutical process development and validation area. 

The Sant Cugat del Vallès headquarters has nearly 1,600 employees from 41 nationalities. In addition, the company is committed to attracting talent and breaking the gender gap, with 51% women (55% of them in management positions) and 49% men. This year, almost 1.2 million euros have been invested in internal training, and over 40% of vacant positions have been filled with internal candidates.

“Spain is a strategic site for the Group, and our commitment to innovation and digitalization in the country underscores this”

Peter Ploeger, CEO of Boehringer Ingelheim Spain and director of the Human Health division

The company focuses on six main therapeutic areas of research and development: cardio-metabolic diseases, respiratory diseases, oncology, immunology, mental Health, and retinal diseases. This effort confirms the company's objective to continue transforming the lives of present and future generations, as it has helped more than 1,100,000 patients in Spain.

In line with this positive trend, Boehringer Ingelheim Spain also reported an 11.3% increase in net sales in 2022 compared with 2021. Medicines in the human health area for treating cardiovascular and metabolic diseases and respiratory diseases continue to be the most significant contributors to net sales.

Peter Ploeger, CEO of Boehringer Ingelheim Spain and director of the Human Health division, stated, "True to the company's purpose, our goal is to improve the lives of people and animals, especially in those areas with unmet medical needs. The 2022 results are proof of this and position the company as a key player in the national healthcare ecosystem". Ploeger also added: "Let's not forget, moreover, that Spain is a strategic site for the Group, and our commitment to innovation and digitalization in the country underscores this."

More Health, More Green & More Potential

Boehringer Ingelheim addresses the challenges of sustainable development from a broad perspective, dividing them into three pillars - More Health, More Green, and More Potential - which address the Health of people, animals, and the environment holistically.

Through the More Health pillar, the company develops solutions that promote universal access to health care, helping to provide solutions to unmet medical needs and ensure food security. Within this pillar, one of the most important initiatives is Changing Health, the relational platform in collaboration with IESE Business School to support healthcare managers in the evolution and transformation of the healthcare system. 

The More Potential pillar focuses on improving the Health of people and their communities by promoting sustainability and collective inclusion. 
Finally, in line with the objectives of the More Green pillar, which is committed to improving environmental Health, the corporate headquarters in Barcelona uses 100% renewable electricity

The Sant Cugat del Vallès site has 487 photovoltaic panels installed, thanks to which 10 tons of CO2 and 8 electric chargers have been saved. In addition, 466 tons of recycled materials have been used, and 11,477 m3 of reused water have been recovered in the facilities. Furthermore, the company has reduced Solid Urban Waste (SUW) by 16%, paper, cardboard by 11%, and plastic by 20%

In recognition of all these milestones, the company has received Carbon Neutral Scope 1 and 2 Certification, LEED GOLD recognition, the Sigre Respimat Award, and the European Certificate of Sustainable Mobility.

Source: Boehringer Ingelheim

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