Catalan high-tech exports go up 3.4% in 2020

Catalan Economy

25 Feb 2021

Catalan exports of high-tech products have grown by 3.4% in 2020, despite the impact of Covid-19, according to data from Statistical Institute of Catalonia (Idescat). Overall, industrial exports have decreased by 10.2% due to the pandemic.

The increase in high-tech exports is due to pharmaceutical products (7.2%), while by geographical destination, sales in the European Union grew by 5.9% and those outside the EU by 0.7%.

Catalonia's high-tech exports close the year at their highest value ever recorded, 9,038.1 million euros in 2020. In addition, foreign sales of medium-high-level tech products have increased by 6.9%.

High-tech Catalan exports represent 36.3% of those of Spain as a whole.

Source: ACN

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