Catalan exports

The highest figure of all exports on record

Catalan exports grew 3.1% in 2019 and reached 73,853 million euros, the highest figure on record and a new record for the ninth year running. Catalan sales abroad represented 25.5% of Spain’s total exports, according to the data made public by the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism. 

The growth of Catalonia’s sales abroad in 2019 (+3.1%) was higher than the Euro area average (1+.9%), Spain (+1.8%) and countries such as France (+2.9%), Italy (+2.3%) or Germany (+0.8%).

By sectors

From a sector point of view, exports set new records for food (8,982€M, +9.3% year-on-year), pharmaceuticals (6,303€M, +23.4%) and machinery (4,619M€, +3.3%).

By regions

Catalan sales abroad in 2019 have grown especially in Asia (+8.9%), North America (+5.3%) and Europe (+4.5%), reaching the highest figures on record in these regions.

Catalan companies abroad

A global map of Catalan companies abroad includes more than 9,200 affiliates of 3,145 Catalan companies in 137 different countries. Europe accounts for 41.7% of all affiliates. The main countries were Catalan companies are settled are: Portugal (959), France (696), USA (757), Mexico (565) and Italy (500), followed by Brazil (433), UK (424), Germany (387), Chile (378) and Argentina (283).

Catalan exports represented 25.5% of Spain’s total exports in 2019

Food, pharmaceutical products and machinery registered record-breaking figures