Catalan exports

The highest figure of all exports on record

Catalan exports grew 21.5% in 2021 and reached 80,538 million euros, the highest figure on record. Catalan sales abroad represented 25.4% of Spain’s total exports, according to the data made public by the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism. 

The growth of Catalonia’s sales abroad in 2021 was higher than the Euro area average (17.1%), France (15.2%), or Germany (13.9%).

By sectors

In terms of sectors, Catalonia's sales abroad were mainly in chemicals (29.5% of the total, +22.5% year-on-year growth), capital goods (16.6% of the total, +24, 8% growth) and food and beverages (15.4% of the total, +12.5% growth).

Catalan companies abroad

A global map of Catalan companies abroad includes more than 9,200 affiliates of 3,145 Catalan companies in 137 different countries.

Europe accounts for 41.7% of all affiliates. The main countries were Catalan companies are settled are: Portugal (959), France (696), USA (757), Mexico (565) and Italy (500), followed by Brazil (433), UK (424), Germany (387), Chile (378) and Argentina (283).

Catalan exports represented 25.4% of Spain’s total exports in 2021

Chemicals, capital goods and food and beverages registered record-breaking figures