Bring your open innovation corporate program to Catalonia

Find below main corporate programmes and accelerators in Catalonia:

  1. Wayra: Startup accelerator programme created by telecom company Telefónica for digital businesses.
  2. Ingenium: Talent support programme organised by Celsa Group for solving Industry 4.0 challenges.
  3. Hotusa Ventures: This programme helps technological companies focused in the tourism industry.
  4. Cuatrecasas Acelera: startup accelerator in the field of legaltech. It has the support of Telefónica and Step One.
  5. Join & Win: Multinational Zobele promotes an acceleration programme for startups for home, health and personal care sectors.
  6. Onboard Ventures: Ficosa and Idneo created a startup programme in IoT and Industry 4.0.
  7. Health-U: A programme by Sanofi aimed at startups that provide innovative solutions in the health field.
  8. ProteumX: Proteum and Inlea have created a programme for accelerating blockchain technologies.
  9. Fluidra Accelera: Startup accelerator for projects related to water and to high growth technologies.
  10. Fundación Repsol: Startup accelerator programme for projects in the fields of energy and mobility.
  11. BStartup: Banc Sabadell has an investment programme for companies with a technological and digital basis.
  12. Ogilvy Upcelerator: Ogilvy’s corporate accelerator helps startups in several sectors such as communication, adtech, big data, Iot, or smart devices.
  13. SEAT Accelerator: Programme focused on tech startups related to the automobile, mobility or logistic industry.