Why Asics opened its European innovation centre in Barcelona

The Japanese sports company Asics has decided to set up its innovation hub for Europe in Barcelona aimed at collaborating with startups from the sports and wellness industry. Through their programme called Tenkan-ten, which means ´Tipping point´ in Japanese, Asics wants to act as a catalyst to discover new technologies, new business models and new ways to interact with their clients.

Asics - an acronym derived from the Latin phrase Anima Sana In Corpore Sano - will help those startups that have developed a minimum viable product through a 4-month long acceleration program.

Emili Risques, Asics Innovation & New Business Vice-President for Europe, the Middle East and Africa, explains how collaborating with other companies helps Asics stay fit in terms of innovation. Risques also reveals why Asics chose Barcelona for building their new facilities, and why Tenkan-ten is a win-win programme for both corporations and startups.

Startups and corporations have to collaborate. Startups have the creativity and speed that corporations do not have

Japan has been traditionally known for an open innovation culture and the same happens to Barcelona. They have a lot of things in common