Access the best scientific talent around the world and bring your technology to the market thanks to Tecniospring INDUSTRY. This programme provides 100% funding to hire experienced researchers and foster collaborations with international R&D entities.

Tecniospring has been distinguished as Good Practice by Interreg Europe (European Regional Development Fund) for its high technology transfer impact results.

Who can participate?

Tecniospring INDUSTRY proposals are submitted by a Catalan host entity. The proposals are jointly prepared with an experienced researcher.

Catalan host organisations may be:

  1. Companies located in Catalonia (startups, SMEs and multinationals)
  2. TECNIO entities (research centres accredited by the Government of Catalonia through ACCIÓ).
  3. Catalan Technology Centres

With an experienced researcher of any nationality with:

  1. A PhD and two additional years of full-time research experience, or
  2. At least six years of full-time equivalent research experience.

What kind of research project should it be?

Tecniospring INDUSTRY covers applied research projects with a clear market focus. Projects must be aimed at developing a new technology and bringing it to the market.

Two modalities

Tecniospring INDUSTRY has two modalities:

  • Incoming: 2-year contract in a Catalan company, TECNIO entity or Catalan Technology Centre.
  • Outgoing + return: 1st year of the project in an international tech-based company or R&D centre (located outside Spain), and 2nd year in a Catalan company, TECNIO entity or Catalan Technology Centre.

Grant characteristics

Tecniospring INDUSTRY offers financial support to cover up to 100% of 2-year employment contracts and develop research activity:

  • Salary costs (with full social security coverage): Incoming: 58,500€ per year. Outgoing & Return: 58,500€/1st year x coef. 58,500€ 2nd year.
  • Research costs: 15,240€.
  • Open Access Publication costs: 3,000€.
  • Mobility costs: 1,920€.
  • 70% Advanced payment at the beginning of the project.

Technology Transfer Training

Researchers benefit from excellent career progression and top-notch training in technology transfer:

  • Protection policies and patenting strategies
  • Prototyping, proof of concept and scaling up
  • Market analysis, client identification and promotion
  • Licensing methods and negotiation
  • Spin-off creation: business plan, funding and team management

Tecniospring INDUSTRY also offers outreach activities to help transfer knowledge outside the network, as well as networking activities to share contacts and create synergies.

Researcher requirements

Researchers must not have resided or carried out their main activity in the country of their 1st year host organisation for more than 12 months in 3 years immediately prior to the deadline for the submission of applications. Exceptions will be made for candidates with justified career breaks.

How to apply

To submit your project, please fill out the application form along with the CV in accordance with the official documents.

Projects are joint proposals submitted by a Catalan host entity together with an experienced researcher of any nationality.

Josep Serra

Core Technologies Director, Biokit R&D

The Tecniospring program has allowed Biokit to undertake a project whose risk might have posed difficulties to get it budgeted. This initiative gives companies the opportunity to start projects that would have been difficult without the Tecniospring program.