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The Digital Economy in Catalonia

Catalonia’s wide-ranging Digital Economy sector creates the perfect environment for any tech-based company.


Nanoscience and Nanotechnology in Catalonia

In Catalonia, Nanoscience and Nanotechnology groups together 107 companies with a turnover that already exceeds €430M.


Engineering scope in Catalonia

The engineering scope in Catalonia gathers a total of 672 companies have created a workforce of some 45,000 people and generate 3.1% of the Catalan GDP.


Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is emerging as a powerful agent of change, since it is leading to the true automation of different sectors. There are about 180 companies that work with AI in Catalonia, as well as several research and technology centres.


Big Data

Big Data refers to large volumes of data that require special technology to be stored and processed. In Catalonia, there are 220 companies in the sector today and leading research centers.



Blockchain is a technology with potential applications in many sectors, including banking and finance, security, e-commerce, the cloud, transparent government, and the development of new business models.


The Internet of Things (IoT)

The Internet of Things (IoT) in Catalonia comprises more than 250 companies with a global turnover of €520 million Euros.


Connected Vehicle

Connected vehicles are vehicles equipped with technologies that allow them to send and receive information, such as cooperative intelligent transport systems. The connected vehicle sector in Catalonia gathers 71 companies, with total turnover of 4,1 billion euros and around 9.720 employees.



Cybersecurity includes the set of physical, logical and administrative measures taken to digitally protect companies, people and systems from digital attacks against their devices, applications and data that could compromise the confidentiality, availability and/or integrity of their data.



Drones generate innovation opportunities for companies in different areas such as inspection, logistics and emergency services.



Genomics is a scientific discipline that deals in genetic mapping, DNA sequencing, and genome analysis. In Catalonia, there are about 50 companies in the sector and the life sciences ecosystem is formed by a large network of research centres and leading hospitals.


Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 is a convergence of technological trends that contribute to transforming production processes. In Catalonia there are more than 1,100 companies dedicated to Industry 4.0 with a combined turnover of €5,564M.


Omic Sciences

Omic sciences provide major advances in the basic understanding of biological issues. They also represent a huge development in the field of the analysis of cell functionality and their biotechnological applications, and also become a key tool for innovation in sectors where products or substances of biological origin play an important role.



Currently, photonics is present as a tool in virtually all sectors many of which have undergone a radical change in favour of efficiency and quality that otherwise could not have been achieved.


Quantum Technologies

Quantum technologies (QTs) use methods and tools based on quantum properties such as quantum superposition and interlacing. The ecosystem in Catalonia is made up primarily of research centres, major companies in related sectors such as telecommunications and ICTs, and start-ups.



Nowadays, robotics is a discipline that is growing significantly, given its implantation in many different industries. The Catalan robotics ecosystem is formed mostly by SMEs and there are main international robot manufacturers that have head offices in Catalonia.


Synthetic Biology

Synthetic biology is defined as the design and construction of biologically based parts, devices and entirely novel biological systems, or the reengineering of existing biological systems. In Catalonia there is potential for growth in this area, because the life sciences, food and agritech sector play an important role.


3D printing

3D printing refers to a set of technologies that allow the creation of volumetric objects based on digital models. In Catalonia, there are about 120 companies in the sector with a combined turnover of €325M.


5G connectivity

Catalonia boasts a number of capabilities that make it a magnet for the development of 5G technology, such as the available telecom infrastructure, its position as a country that attracts investment and generates innovation, as well as being the world capital of mobile phones.


Catalonia received the most R&D investment in Spain, accounting for 44.6% of the total (fDi Markets, 2021)