Catalonia, a cluster hotspot in Europe

With 30 years of experience in cluster policy, in Catalonia, 27 clusters are home to 2,700 firms and other entities with a combined turnover of €70,000M.


Cluster policy is part of Catalonia’s pro-business economy.

Both Catalonia’s administration and its dynamic business community rapidly saw the value of forming one of the major cluster programs in Europe.

With 30 years of experience in cluster policy, 27 clusters are home to 2,700 firms, generating €70,000 million and standing out as a benchmark in European cluster policy.

The value of experience in cluster policy

This accumulated experience in business clusters in Europe means that Catalonia has attracted major international players such as the TCI Network, the global cluster practitioners’ network, and the European Foundation for Cluster Excellence, as well as other class-leading knowledge institutions.

One of the major clusters in Europe thanks to pro-business administration

Cluster policy here responds to the Catalan government's diverse, pro-business economic policy to promote Catalonia internationally.

Our clusters, major sources of sectorial knowledge, create the ideal ecosystem to connect businesses in similar fields, research institutions, universities, and other key stakeholders with similar strategic challenges.

Multiple advantages powered by clusters

By allowing companies to connect locally and globally, Catalan clusters are the ideal tool to help them generate and run collaborative projects with sufficient critical mass to compete globally.

Furthermore, as they concentrate on key industries in Europe and Spain, international companies and investors can easily access the resources of a dynamic network of specialized partners and industry-related suppliers, providers, and associations.

Major clusters in Barcelona-Catalonia

“Thanks to clusters, Catalonia is much more attractive to foreign companies because they immediately get into an ecosystem of partners, rather than just a greenside to invest in”

Christian Ketels, member of the Harvard Business School faculty and former president of the TCI Network

  • 27 clusters

    Catalonia is home to 27 cluster associations

  • 2,700 members

    The clusters group together 2,700 companies and entities

  • €70,000 Millions in Turnover

    Clusters in Catalonia generate a turnover of €70,000 million, contributing 30% to the region's GDP.

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