Shipping traffic increases 26% at the Port of Barcelona in 2017

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01 Feb 2018

The Port of Barcelona registered a 26% increase in shipping traffic for 2017, making it the fastest growing European port; with 61 million tons shipped last year. According to the Port authorities, almost 3 million TEU were shipped through the Catalan port, up 32.3% over the previous year.

Load transfers have gained importance during 2017, experiencing a remarkable growth rate of 137%, boosting the connectivity of the Catalan facilities. Container trade has also increased, reaching more than half a million imported containers (561,103 TEU), an 8.3% increase, and 705,204 exported units, 2.6% more than the previous year.

China maintains its position as the Port of Barcelona’s main trading partner: 44.3% of the shipping imports arriving through the Catalan port come from this country whereas 11.6% of the exports have this Asian country as their destination.

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