Sener opens its new corporate headquarters in catalonia

01 Jan 2014

The international engineering and technology group sener has opened its new corporate buildings in cerdanyola (barcelona), locating its headquarters in catalonia. the building has been designed by the sener team of architects and engineers to meet the group’s high-tech demands. it is an energy saving, eco-technological building equipped with high performance facilities to perform large-scale technology projects. 

with over 20 years of activity in catalonia, sener has become a centre of excellence in the disciplines of aeronautics, rail systems, hydraulic technologies, acoustics, port and coastal engineering, civil structures, advanced manufacturing and testing systems, instrumentation and electronics for space science and research, precision mechatronics for astronomy and major scientific facilities, and healthcare technology. this new site, therefore, will house a multidisciplinary team of nearly 300 professionals, including engineers, architects, mathematicians, physicists and doctors.

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