Barcelona hits 1,500 startups, a record figure for the economy

Barcelona and Catalonia are building the economy of the next decade, consolidating themselves as Southern Europe’s leading hub. According to the Barcelona & Catalonia Startup Hub’s 2019 figures, the city is today home to 1,500 startups, a number that has increased 38% over the last three years.

The Barcelona & Catalonia Startup Hub is a comprehensive directory that identifies each startup with relevant information about their activity, funding stage and business model. Its 2019 analysis also reveals that Barcelona is the 3rd most popular city among startup founders in Europe, and ranks 5th as a European hub.

Moreover, the Financial Times recently declared Barcelona to be one Europe’s most successful startup centres. Barcelona, along with Catalonia, is most certainly functioning as a hub with a high growth potential and the numbers show that over the last 5 years (2015-2019), the region has attracted 2,800 million euros of private investment.

Barcelona, a hub with growth potential

Barcelona, a magnet for international talent

Translated into talent, startups in Barcelona represent 16,900 highly-qualified professionals. Especially noteworthy is the fact that women play a very important part in the startup business: 22% of startup founders are women, a percentage higher than the European average.

As per international talent, the latest data shows that 19% startup employees are from abroad, while among startup founders, this ratio is 15%.

Startups in Barcelona. World's fifth most attractive city for digital talent

Tackling the challenges of the future

Barcelona’s startup ecosystem is already tackling the challenges of the future. The study highlights that 64% of startups work in 4.0 related technologies, such as Cloud Computing, Big Data, Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence.

Another 20% of startups operate in the ICT, leisure and health sectors, while a further 20% operate in wellness-related areas, such as healthtech, medtech, biotech and pharma.

Building the future

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