Road to Barcelona

Catalonia Trade & Investment is pleased to announce the opening of the application for our Road to Barcelona Programme: Korea, Argentina, Uruguay and Chile Edition. The purpose is to provide the opportunity to startups from Korea, Argentina, Uruguay and Chile to be prepared for their scaling-up with a 3-month programme in Barcelona.

Three companies from each country will be selected. We invite you to apply with your great ideas and join the diverse community of the Catalonia & Barcelona Startup Hub as an excellent chance to grow and expand throughout Europe.

One of Europe’s most dynamic startup ecosystems

Barcelona is one of Europe’s most dynamic startup ecosystems, especially in the field of new technologies (Internet, Mobile Software & Services, e-commerce, Big Data and Tourism), thanks to multiple factors that have given the city 1,500 startups with ambition and global vision.

The startup economy in Catalonia employs some 16,900 people. Barcelona is the 5th European startup hub according to several renowned international rankings such as EU-Startups and Startup Heatmap Europe, among others. It has become a clear benchmark in Europe in the creation of new companies.

Programme description

We offer a 6-month-long programme for 9 selected startups from Korea (3), Argentina (3), Uruguay (3) and Chile (3) from January 2020 to June 2020. The programme has two phases: 3 months of validation (core programme in Barcelona) + 3 months of follow-up (optional programme).

A maximum of 2 people per startup can participate, with the expenses to cover flight costs and living expenses depending on each country and call.

The target sectors are Industry 4.0 (Big Data, AI, VR & AR, Robotics, 3D Printing, IoT, Cybersecurity, Cloud…), Life Sciences (Health tech, Biotech & Pharma, Medtech), and Mobile & Software.

Programme support

Aspects that we will consider when selecting

  • Potential of the company: the number of current clients will be assessed, the number of potential clients, if you have a defined growth plan. Selection criteria: 20%
  • Entrepreneurial team:format, as a minimum, of two people (partners or not) dedicated full time. The number of people involved in the project, level of dedication, complementarity of profiles and promoter partners will be valued. Selection criteria: 30%
  • Innovative business model:The level of innovation, novelty and originality of the product, service or application to the market and the possibilities of future development will be valued. The internal and external process of the organization will also be valued. Selection criteria: 25%
  • Access to the market:the invoicing volume of the last year closed or, if necessary, of the amount recorded at the end of the second quarter of 2018 and the billing increments recorded during the last five months from the presentation of the request will be valued. Selection criteria: 10%
  • Internationalization:the international scalability of the company will be valued, the fact that it is exporting and that it has a very identified target market or with the imminent will to do so. Selection criteria: 15% 

Who can apply?

  • A company with a Business Registration Certificate in Korea, Chile, Uruguay or Argentina (freelance proposals are not accepted).
  • A recently established company with a product ready to sell and with less than 10 years in existence.
  • Founded by ambitious entrepreneurs, highly committed to growth.
  • A scalable company with high growth potential.
  • Financing stage ready for the startup internationalization.
  • A highly innovative or technological solution.
  • Globally market focused.
  • Should NOT merely be a consultancy/agency or developing software/apps only for others.
  • Should NOT be just a website/landing page that does not show any activity.

Application Schedule

Application is currently closed.

For more information about upcoming editions of this programme, please contact us.