Success stories from international companies


Danone innovates in packaging and flavours out of Catalonia
The multinational Danone is a leader in dairy products within the global food industry. It has been present in Catalonia for over 30 years through its R&D centre in Barcelona and a production plant in Parets del Vallès

Hewlett Packard

We have over 500 R&D engineers working in Catalonia, we’re creating over 150 patents per year and we’re basically HP’s most important laboratory outside the US
HP is one of the multinationals with the strongest presence in Catalonia. Located in Sant Cugat del Vallès, a few kilometres from Barcelona, it is the worldwide headquarters for 3D and Large Format printing businesses and a global point of reference in these fields. It came to Catalonia in 1985, initially employing 15 people, and currently it has a team of 1,800 highly qualified professionals, made up of more than 60 nationalities. It is the largest company campus outside the United States


AstraZeneca: its worldwide R&D Centre for Respiratory Medicine in Barcelona.
The global pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca installs its worldwide R&D Centre for Respiratory Medicine in Barcelona. According to Gonzalo De Miquel, Barcelona was selected for this new R&D centre because it has “the presence of qualified pharmaceutical professionals, a long-standing tradition of respiratory medicine and its network of researchers, hospitals and universities”.



Motovario benefits from Pujol Muntala’s expertise and re-founds it as Gear Solutions
Motovario is a leading company in the power transmission sector which designs, manufactures and commercializes speed reducers, drives and electrical engines. Founded in 1965, the Italian provider of power transmission products decided to purchase what then was Pujol Muntala, S.A, a company in receivership, and created Gear Solutions ES, S.L. They saved its 78 employees and earned a new production plant.



Bismart: A big data success story unfolding in Barcelona
Big Data is one of the growing sectors in business nowadays. Bismart knows how useful it is to transform data into knowledge, so it offers solutions that help institutions such as City Councils manage huge amounts of information, transforming them into an automated format in order to facilitate decision-making.


Digital Legends

Digital Legends: an open door for mobile entertainment
Videogames are a regular part of our entertainment. We now have access to an immense range of apps, games and programs. But although mobile videogames are a reality today, Digital Legends entered this business when they were just a promising idea.



E.G.O Appliance Controls: exporting from Catalonia to the world
E.G.O is an international company specialized in the development, production and supply of high-tech products for washing machines, stoves, driers and other home and commercial appliances. E.G.O has now decided to focus on the expansion of its R&D department and they have decided to enlarge their state of the art Catalan plant.


Miwon shows why Catalonia is strategically positioned to locate international chemical investments
Europe’s chemical industry is an important part of its economic motor. Catalonia reflects this importance on a regional level with major chemical infrastructures. In terms of investments a recent addition to the list of chemical companies located in Catalonia is the Korean firm Miwon Specialty Chemicals Co. Ltd, producing coatings for high tech companies like Dupont, LG and Samsung.



Grifols, a truly global Catalan succes story 

The story of the Catalan firm Grifols is inexorably linked to an ambitious world business view. This 70-year-old healthcare company, with its headquarters in Barcelona, today is present in more than 100 countries and makes products used to treat rare, chronic diseases such as neurological disorders, immune deficiencies, hemophilia and genetic emphysema. Its global view has just taken a further step forward with the inauguration of a new state-of-the-art plasma North Fractionation Facility (NFF) in Clayton, North Carolina in the United States.

Online gaming success story growing in Barcelona, worldwide leader in cross-platform, casual games anywhere, anytime, through any platform and device, and famous for notable industry success stories such as Candy Crush and Bubble Witch Saga, has experienced spectacular growth in recent years. Just to give an example, every month 30 billion King games are played globally.


Supersafe, a multinational close to home 

When the current economic crisis began in 2007 SICAME, the French multinational specialised in equipment and services for energy and electricity distribution, decided to set up a pilot plant in Catalonia for a sector that until then, they were not in: Electrical insulating gloves for operators making electrical live line maintenance. Now, two of its Catalan equipment manufacturers are undergoing international expansion under the guidance of the French company.


Henkel: R&D in Catalonia
Henkel is expanding its R&D network in Catalonia, with a 7 million euro investment to set up two new centres plus the Afinitica spin-off, located in the UAB Research Park (Bellaterra) and in the Leitat technological centre in Terrassa. These new centres join their already existing facilities: one in the same UAB Research park, and the other in the Institute of Chemical Research of Catalonia (ICIQ), in Tarragona. With this expansion, Henkel positions Catalonia as a strategic centre of the development of new, high, added-value adhesives on a worldwide level.

Fox Head

Fox Head, from California to Barcelona
Fox Head is a leading brand in the design, manufacture and distribution of sportswear for young consumers. Founded in California in 1974, it initially designed especially resistant clothing for motocross athletes but it has now expanded to other lines of action and adventure sports such as surfing and biking.


Interview with Mr. Jaume Freixas, European Controller for Velcro Europe SA
Velcro’s European head office has been in Argentona, Barcelona since 1959. We asked for his views, based on his experience as a senior Catalan executive in a multinational firm, on the company itself and on business opportunities in Catalonia.

Air Products

Catalonia holds a privileged position in technological innovation, which helps us compete efficiently in the knowledge society
The Air Products group is a leader in the industrial and medical gas segment, providing products and services for clients in the technological, energy, health and industrial sectors worldwide. In addition to a number of production facilities, Catalonia also boasts the Spanish headquarters of the company’s operations under the name -Carburos Metálicos- and is the European headquarters for Carburos Médica, which supplies medicinal gases and healthcare services for the home.


Schneider Electric

Catalonia is a key operational and decision-making hub for our global business
Schneider Electric runs its entire EMEASA area business from its Barcelona headquarters, taking decisions affecting 138 countries. Catalonia is also the gateway and distribution point for products and solutions for Southern Europe and Africa due to recent enlargement of its logistics centre.