TECNIO certification and main R&D players in Catalonia


The TECNIO certification created by the Government of Catalonia, through ACCIÓ, identifies differential applied technology providers and facilitators. The certification:

  • Supports the most qualified agents involved in technology transfer processes.
  • Allows companies to access advanced R&D and develop new products and services.
  • Increases the scope of technology projects by finding the most suitable technology partners & suppliers.
  • Helps raise your competitiveness and technological innovation capacities.

Developers and facilitators making your company more technological and competitive

Two kinds of organisations are credited with the TECNIO certification:

  • Developers, generating new technology and transferring it to companies, either through tailor-made R&D projects, or through direct sale of the developed technology.
  • Facilitators, enabling technology access, helping companies discover the technology being generated in their scientific and technological ambit. They are transfer offices that offer companies a portfolio of market-ready, developed technologies in their scientific/technological ambit. All these organisations will help your company become more technological and competitive.

The TECNIO certification identifies differential applied technology providers and facilitators