Compare Catalonia to Poland

Catalonia offers a highly competitive environment that makes it a top location for multinationals for their investments in Europe. Contact us and we will help you grow.

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When considering investment opportunities, Poland and Catalonia emerge as standout regions with their distinct policies and economic structures.

For investors seeking the best outcomes, a careful analysis of crucial economic indicators such as GDP, tax incentives, and cost of living is essential. By gaining valuable insights into these thriving areas, investors open the door to potentially significant rewards and make well-informed decisions to pave the way for a prosperous investment journey.

Compare Catalonia and Poland and explore the similarities and differences between their economies.

Catalonia vs Poland.

  • Better tax incentives & Lower compliance

    • Tax credit on R&D expenses

      Catalonia: up to 59% | Poland: up to 19%

    • Time to comply

      Catalonia: 143 | Poland: 334

      Amount of time in yearly hours. Regional average is 161.

  • More cost efficient labor market

    • Workforce skills- Participation in education and training

      Catalonia: 11% | Poland: 3.7%

    • Workforce skills- Proportion of low-wage earners

      Catalonia: 14.33% | Poland: 21.87%

    • Productivity

      Catalonia: $52.3 | Poland: $41.0

      Measured as the amount contributed to GPD by every hour worked