Compare Catalonia to Poland

Catalonia offers a highly competitive environment that makes it a top location for multinationals for their investments in Europe. Contact us and we will help you grow.

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Compare Catalonia to Portugal

Catalonia vs Poland.

  • Better tax incentives & Lower compliance

    • Tax credit on R&D expenses

      Catalonia: up to 59% | Poland: up to 19%

    • Time to comply

      Catalonia: 143 | Poland: 334

      Amount of time in yearly hours. Regional average is 161.

  • More cost efficient labour market

    • Workforce skills- Participation in education and training

      Catalonia: 11% | Poland: 3.7%

    • Workforce skills- Proportion of low-wage earners

      Catalonia: 14.33% | Poland: 21.87%

    • Productivity

      Catalonia: $52.3 | Poland: $41.0

      Measured as the amount contributed to GPD by every hour worked