Compare Catalonia to Italy

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In recent years, Italy and Catalonia have experienced remarkable economic growth due largely to their unique policies and structures.

A thorough analysis of key economic indicators, including GDP, tax incentives, and labor costs, can provide valuable insight into the strengths and potential of each region's economy. By examining these factors, you can better understand Catalonia and Italy's economic landscape and identify areas for further growth and development.

Compare Catalonia and Italy below to see how their economies resemble and differ.

Catalonia vs Italy.

  • Lower Corporate tax & Better tax incentives

    • Corporate income tax rate

      Catalonia: 25% | Italy: 27.5%

    • ETR on patent box income

      Catalonia: 10% | Italy: 13.75%

    • Tax credit on certain R&D expenses

      Catalonia: up to 59% | Italy: up to 20%

  • More favorable tax environment & Lower compliance

    • Total revenue from taxes (% of GPD)

      Catalonia: 34.65% | Italy: 42.91%

    • Time to comply

      Catalonia: 143 | Italy: 238

      Amount of time in yearly hours. Regional average is 161.

  • Lower cost of living & More cost efficient labor Market

    • Workforce skills- Participation in education and training

      Catalonia: 11% | Italy: 7.2%

      The share of people aged between 25 and 64 who indicate they have received recent education or training

    • Estimated hourly labor costs

      Catalonia: 22.8€ | Italy: 29.8€

      The labor cost per hour is calculated as Compensation of employees + Vocational training costs+ Other expenditures + Taxes - Subsidies

    • Price level index

      Catalonia: 97.5 | Italy: 101.3

      EU-28= 100

    • Indirect taxation

      Catalonia: 21% | Italy: 22%

      VAT also influences pricing