The Investment Forum: the perfect opportunity to find and to be found

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The Investment Forum focuses on sharing succes startup stories, making entrepreneurs more visible, fostering networking activities and emphasizing their international presence. It is Catalonia’s most important event on the field. One of the facts that prove this is that those companies that have piched in the last six editions of the Forum have raised nearly €159,3M from business angels and venture capital funds, and public institutions. 

One of the main goals of the Investment Forum is to create a space where entrepreneurs are able to pitch their projects to investors so that they can raise money and put their expansion plans into practice. The Forum also aims to promote contacts between all attendees and facilitate relations between people from the same sector through participatory, dynamic networking.

The 21st edition

Last edition gathered together over 550 entrepreneurs and investors in Barcelona, and some 450 networking meetings were held between attendees. It had 21 finalist companies, which have already raised 4.9 million euros, and also 24 investors on the panel. After studying more than 100 candidate companies, 50 were selected to be part of the 2016 Companies Catalogue. Out of these, the 21 best companies pitched for one-minute elevator pitch. The companies were divided into three categories: life sciences and health, ICT and other technologies. The public could vote and choose 9 finalists that presented plus 3 cutting edge companies from Israel, who then answered questions from investors and demonstrated the great business potential of their proposals.

2016 winner was the Catalan company Nektria, recognized as the most promising start-up in terms of innovation and internationalization. The company has introduced the RECShipping logistics solution, allowing consumers to choose the exact day and time slot when you want to receive your purchase, thereby improving delivery options for online shopping. The award consisted of 120 hours of consulting services to implement an internationalisation project with a Catalan Government Trade & Investment Office abroad, including a travel allowance of up to €1,500 and, if needed, free use of a workspace in one of the offices for a three-month period.

Israel was chosen to be the guest country in this 21st edition of the Investment Forum. Thus, the inaugural conference of the Forum was given by the Israeli Alon Lifshitz, CEO of Blumberg Capital investment fund, who spoke about trends in venture capital and Israel’s entrepreneurial ecosystem.

The last five editions of the Investment Forum have seen pitches from 114 companies and have raised 157 million € funding.

The Investment Forum focuses on sharing success stories, making entrepreneurs more visible, fostering networking activities and emphasizing their international presence.

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