International mobility

International mobility for executives

Get key personnel where you need them faster

We offer detailed information on all types of visas and residence-work permits existing in Catalonia. The information provided is for guidance use only. Our services are recommendations and in no way substitute professional legal council.

We have all the detailed information on required types of visa/work and residency permits and can provide a list of lawyers specialized in this area.

Streamlining international staff mobility

We offer a fast-track service to facilitate international mobility of executives, technical staff and specialized personnel that form part of investment projects in Catalonia. We offer an exclusive personalised 1st Consultancy Service along with a roadmap analysis for the future investor. We are the institutional contact between the companies and all the Spanish entities involved in the immigration procedures.

This service will guide you through the process of international mobility during the whole investment project process.

Mobility procedures

Valuable information and a fast-track service for work and residence permits for your top employees

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