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The GreenTech Catalogue

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Leading technologies against climate change.

Do you need new technology solutions based on green values? Are you looking for a reliable partner on GreenTech?

Discover more than 145 innovative solutions from leading organizations in GreenTech from Barcelona-Catalonia. The GreenTech Catalogue is an interactive tool showcasing top companies and technology centers that aim to fight against climate change.

The GreenTech Catalogue is an example of good practices and an inspiring tool to support you in your process of a green transition.
Download the catalogue and explore the solutions by green challenges:

  • Access to water, sanitation, water treatment, and efficient use of water resources
  • Clean energy transition
  • Climate-neutral and circular cities
  • Industrial transition to the circular economy
  • Preservation and sustainable use of ocean and marine resources
  • Regeneration of natural capital in terrestrial ecosystems
  • Sustainability of food production systems
  • Sustainable mobility
  • Climate change mitigation and adaptation

You can also browse the Greentech technology solutions by industry sector application and technology keywords.