Where to land?

A number of outstanding coworking spaces, accelerating programmes and incubators have emerged in Barcelona & Catalonia to support entrepreneur’s activity. Here you can find the main ones.

Coworking spaces

Pier01 building, the largest space for startups & entrepreneurs in Europe

When talking about coworking spaces in Barcelona, special mention has to be made of Pier 01. It is one of the largest space for startups & entrepreneurs in Europe and home to the Tech Barcelona association.

Located in a historic building in the Barcelona harbour, Pier 01 houses nowadays some 100 startups, 1,000 workers, as well as incubators and accelerators. Pier 01 organises a significant number of workshops, conferences and meetings to create synergies with international investors and local entrepreneurs.

Furthermore, Tech Barcelona is the city’s association of companies and startups working and boosting the digital, tech business and e-commerce sectors in Barcelona. Tech Barcelona is a project driven by local entrepreneurs that currently represents more than 800 businesses.

Accelerators & Incubators in Barcelona

Both incubators and accelerators promote the growth of innovative companies and help startups grow. Incubator programmes include several forms of mentorship and support in early stages.

Business accelerators offer business advisory services to minimize lack of experience errors or management problems, and are meeting, training and networking spaces for startups. These are the main ones you can find in Barcelona and Catalonia: