Fox Head, from California to Barcelona

Fox Head is a leading brand in the design, manufacture and distribution of sportswear for young consumers. Founded in California in 1974, it initially designed especially resistant clothing for motocross athletes but it has now expanded to other lines of action and adventure sports such as surfing and biking.

European and Middle Eastern headquarters in Barcelona

"Fox Head, Inc. has headquarters in Irvine, CA, with additional offices in Morgan Hill, CA and Barcelona, Spain" says Fox Head website. In Catalonia, the company is located in the Mas Blau El Prat de Llobregat industrial park.

From this location the company created initially 46 new jobs and managed, among others, the areas of management, sales, marketing, customer service, e-commerce, human resources and information systems. With Barcelona as its base, the company focuses on expanding the brand in its main markets in Europe (Austria, France, Scandinavia and Britain) and the development of new markets such as Spain, Russia and Italy.

Infrastructure, communication, talent, urban lifestyle and the X Games

Catalonia has a long tradition of trial and motocross, with manufacturers and pioneers brands coming out of the region like Gas Gas, Bultaco, Montesa, OSSA or Derby, and champions like Jordi Tarrés, Adam Raga, Toni and Jordi Elías, Toni and Jordi Arcarons, Toni Bou, Marc Colomer, Laia Sanz or Javier García Vico.

But beyond local businesses and champions, the crucial tipping point behind Fox Head’s decision to locate its headquarters for the European market and the Middle East was Catalonia's capacity to attract international talent, its excellent transport and communications network and the positive associations the brand has with the city of Barcelona.

In May 2013, the X Games were held in Barcelona for the very first time and this was also the first time they had been celebrated outside the USA. This event is considered the Olympics of adventure sports. This special opportunity also played in Barcelona´s favour to attract Fox Head’s investment to the city; over other more surfer inclined locations in Southern Europe. And so during the X Games Fox Head celebrated the opening of its European headquarters in Barcelona.

The support of Invest in Catalonia in the process of locating Fox Head in Barcelona

The project came to the Invest in Catalonia website a year ago, in February 2012. Since then and as with all projects managed, Invest in Catalonia adapted to any needs of Fox Head as they arose to ensure that the investment finally became a reality in Barcelona.

Invest in Catalonia provided the company with reports on grants, taxes, contracts, types of companies, visas, etc. as well as contacts such as lawyers, relocation or HR. Invest in Catalonia looked for premises, organised visits to other businesses, gave Fox Head assistance in areas such as technology centres for textile materials, with information on training and fashion schools, and also in media coverage (press release). Invest in Catalonia also facilitated a meeting with the Catalan Minister of Enterprise and Labor.