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Catalonia is the top Southern European Region of the Future in the latest Financial Times report on the most attractive European locations for future investments. Barcelona is one of the world’s top spots to live & work, a magnet for business & professionals, and a global benchmark for mobile & smart cities. It is also the first continental European city in terms of FDI strategy. Connect to the Catalan competitive mix: an industrial, diverse and pro-business economy that can work for you.

 Discover Catalonia

 Catalonia, a land where everything is possible.

Catalonia Connects

Connect to the Catalan competitive mix: an industrial, diverse and pro-business economy that will work for you.

Catalonia Trade & Investment Services

We offer specialised services to international companies interested in investing in Catalonia & Barcelona.

Circular Economy in Catalonia

Circular economy in Catalonia. Discover the success cases of Catalan companies Zicla, GCR Group, Veritas and eCooltra.

Catalonia Living Lab

Your partner in Europe for the future of mobility.

Catalonia, the land of Barcelona

Barcelona, a capital that beats all other cities.

ICT in Catalonia

The ICT industry in Catalonia is strong and will meet your needs.

Identify the best technology

Identify the best technology providers through the TECNIO label.

Barcelona & Catalonia Startup Hub - 2021 Analysis

Download the report about the startup economy in Catalonia.

Foreign investment in Catalonia 2020. Download full report.

Catalonia and Barcelona are leading European regions when it comes to attraction of foreign direct investment (FDI). FDI registered 22.84BN in Catalonia in the 2016-2020 period, a 26.2% increase over the 2011-2015 period.

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