Tap into Catalan Innovation System

Innovation is the key to gaining and maintaining leadership in world markets. New ideas and new ways of doing things are the main ingredients for permanent business success.

We are present in all stages of the innovation process, whether developing a project, generating market value or maximize your results.

ACCIÓ works to connect businesses and projects with market success.

What stage your innovative project is located at? We have services for each situation:

  • Guidance
    We provide guidelines and direction for companies to be able to find and go over their own innovative path.
    We inform, provide experience and heading towards market success. 
  • Training
    We identify and develop the internal talent of companies to have the attitude and the ability to innovate in the market.
    We foster the autonomy success of companies through training and preparing programmes.
  • Support
    We drive innovation with technical and financial resources.
    We provide you with technological advice and help you locate the technological resources in Catalonia to move forward your innovation ideas and processes.
  • Connection
    We establish bridges between different ecosystem agents and connect companies with partners and technology to promote innovative projects.
    We put you in contact with companies and tech centers that can offer you solutions for your innovation needs.

Tap into Catalan innovation with us.