Business mindset

Open to business from a business mindset

In Catalonia there is a diversified industrial production and availability of suppliers and providers with high quality standards. Around 19% of the new businesses created each year in Spain are based in Catalonia, which is proof of the region’s entrepreneurial spirit. Small and medium sized enterprises are a majority of companies. 

The government’s business focused policies support private sector initiatives

Public services benefiting companies include:

  • Services to attract and boost productive investments from international companies into Catalonia 
  • Information for international firms with investment projects on business financing, analysis and prospection in external markets… 
  • Services to help Catalan companies grow and set up abroad and carry on commercial, productive and technological activities. 
  • Business matchmaking and search for partners, suppliers, premises, distribution channels, contacts for M&A operations, international tenders…
  • Aftercare business services

Some regulatory issues benefit international business in Catalonia

  • There is a lower Corporate Tax than in the majority of our neighboring countries (25% from 2016). 
  • Catalonia offers one of the most attractive tax deduction schemes for R&D&i activities in Europe. (Patent box, up to 59% on R+D, 12% on innovation). 
  • Expats coming to work in Catalonia are only taxed at a flat rate of 24% up to € 600,000  (applicable in the tax period of change of residency and for the following five ones). 
  • Catalonia is a location for international holding companies thanks to its attractive Holding Tax Regime and the largest Tax Treaty network with EU & LATAM & EMEA countries. 
  • There are employment incentives programmes which result into discounts in social security contributions and grants for job creation
  • Visas and residence permits can be obtained via fast-track processes (10 and 20 working days)

35+ years working to attract foreign investments

The foreign investment attraction policy in Catalonia started in 1985. Catalonia is a Spanish and European reference in terms of trade and investment policies.

Catalan society is entreprenuerial, flexible, capable of assimilating changes and adapting to them.

It takes 20 days to incorporate a new company (€ 1,500 as an approx.) in Catalonia, and only a few days are required to register a property.

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