The Smart City sector takes root in Catalonia

For the last 20 years, cities have been challenging the mobility paradigm generated around cars as the principal mode of transport. today, the vehicle paradigm is also being challenged by climate change and the current natural resources deployment.

there is a widespread use of new icts for all means of transport, which allow for real-time information or variable signalling according to traffic conditions.

there is a change of focus from policies to develop infrastructures to those concerned with the improvement and integration of the management of mobility services. there has been a change of focus from vehicle ownership to the use of other modes of mobility; widespread improvement of walking and cycling conditions; an urban planning integration with mobility being taken into account; significant improvement and promotion of electric and hybrid vehicles, and an extension of the charging point network.

there is an urgent need in many cities to reduce pollution coming from traffic and a global requirement to find alternatives to oil as the main transport energy source.

Initiatives that generate business opportunities

public-private partnership is pushing forward certain initiatives in the mobility sector related to:

  • real-time management city
  • urban traffic sensor system
  • public transport mobile applications
  • traffic management in an intelligent urban grid
  • fast ticketing

from these initiatives a series of business opportunities arise in all the steps of the value chain, from fleet management to pre booking of parking slots in the city centre, or from flexible real time speed and access regulation to route optimization for emergency services. the existence of a specialized environment characterized by the presence of sme’s and agile hidden champions, along with big integrators and public partners, create an environment ideal for new companies to explore.

Startup culture, the driving force for change

The 4YFN initiative organised within the framework of the Mobile World Capital, is the home of the growing global tech startup community.

Sustainable Mobility Clusters

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