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A strong industry: the 2nd largest sector in Catalonia

1 out of every 5 vehicles manufactured in Spain is produced in Catalonia, making it Spain’s most significant automotive manufacturing centre. With 10,895 automotive companies (including distribution and vehicle repair), the Catalan automotive sector generates 56,200 direct jobs - 143,400 including indirect and induced jobs.

Annual turnover is at €23,842M, 10.16% of the total GDP value. Home to all levels of the value chain, Catalonia is one of the major automotive R&D and engineering hubs in Europe, as well as a hub in IT solutions ans software development. It hosts Seat and Nissan's automotive OEM development centres and most of the engineering units of the parts suppliers Tier 1 and 2.

Global and with access to both markets and suppliers

Catalonia is a global automotive hub and generates 23.2% of Spanish vehicle exports. Automotive manufacturers also make up 899 Catalan regular exporters (30.8% of the Spanish total). In part, this is due to its excellent communications, both internal and external, with full-modal integration transport systems. Catalonia is also a highly efficient hub to European, North African and Latin American markets, with over 400 million customers reachable in less than 48 hours. 

It is no surprise, therefore, that it is a leading destination for automotive FDI, where it is the 1st region in Western Europe for capital investment (2014 - 2018).

Competitive and highly R&D focused

Catalonia has a critical mass of R&D centres specialising in the automotive industry. Different IT tech centres develop technologies and materials for connected and self-driving car, such as Applus IDIADA, Eurecat or ICFO.  

The Automotive Cluster

The Automotive Industry Cluster of Catalonia (CIAC) is highly active. It is comprised by more than 190 companies that work together in boostering the competitiveness of the automotive industry as the driving force behind the Catalan economy.

Catalonia connects you to new business opportunities

  • Sustainable and energy efficient vehicles
    Catalonia is encouraging the use of vehicles run on sustainable alternative fuels, as it is one of the recipient regions of the financial incentives for electric automobile purchase.
  • Manufacture of components and parts
    The needs of Catalan OEMs for companies and manufacturers of moulds and dies, new materials, components and plastic injection will give rise to opportunities for companies engaged in these areas.
  • Engineerings
    R&D, innovation and new technologies for the automotive industry increase the opportunities to expand for engineerings already established in Catalonia, and for new incoming engineerings.
  • Mobility as a service
    Catalonia is an attractive location for shared economy businesses and startups. It hosts accelerators, international technology events, coworking spaces, etc. And it attracts entrepreneurs, human talent and new opportunities from all over the world. Some shared economy startups are already established in Catalonia, such as SocialCar, Airbnb or Badi.
  • Connected vehicle and autonomous driving
    Catalonia has a unique ecosystem to promote connectivity, hosting some of the sector's most important trade fairs and congresses and promoting the use of technology and digital information. It also offers a perfect setting for the needs of development and validation of connected and autonomous test drives.

Catalonia Living Lab

Catalonia Living Lab is a public-private framework for development and testing of connected and automated vehicle technologies. It provides the main test environments required in the development process of connected and automated vehicles: from virtual simulation to laboratories, proving grounds and public roads.

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The automotive industry is the second largest industrial sector in Catalonia and generates €23,842M in turnover.

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71 companies working in the Connected Vehicle have been identified in Catalonia with a high level of internationalization.

The Automotive Industry Cluster of Catalonia (CIAC) is open to companies operating in the automotive industry, that are based in Catalonia and pursue R&D+i activities.


Nissan produces the electric eNV200 van in its factory in Barcelona for the rest of the world. Since its start in April 2014 until November 2015, the production of eNV200 represented 34% of the EVs produced in Spain. And recently, the Japanese firm also began global production of the Nissan Navara NP300, designed for Europe at the Nissan Technical Centre in Barcelona.


SEAT, the Spanish Volkswagen subsidiary based in Barcelona manufactures and designs its vehicles in Catalonia in its 2,800,000 m² facilities. Producing around 2,100 units daily, it ships to 75 countries via road, sea and rail. One of the key areas of SEAT’s facilities is the 5,600 m² SEAT Design Center (SDC) containing state-of-the-art technology to ensure that design is at the heart of the brand’s future.

Technical facilities, labs, test tracks and proving grounds of Applus+ IDIADA are located in L'Albornar, Tarragona. Proving ground is the most comprehensive independent proving ground in Europe.

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