Catalan exports remain high in 2013

April 2014.- The Catalan export sector displayed a positive performance in 2013. According to provisional data from the Institute of Statistics exports were valued at €58,382m, maintaining the 2012 levels.

Evolution of Catalan exports in the last five years (in millions of Euros)


Exports of consumer goods increased in 2013 from €19,999m to €20,698m while capital goods fell from €4,401m to €3,980m and total exports maintained the previous years’ levels.


Catalan exports by technological content (%)

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In 2013 Catalonia exported industrial products to a value of €54,960m (2.2% more than in 2012). Of them 60% were products with high or medium high technological content. Exports of high technology products fell by 0.4%, medium technology content rose by 2.2% and medium low technology products rose by 1.1%. Products with low technological content grew by 3.8%.


By country the biggest destinations were France and Germany and the smallest Portugal, Italy and the United Kingdom. Total exports to the European Union (EU-28) were valued at €36,618, and represented 63 of the total. By sector most exports came from the chemical and vehicle sectors followed by food, textiles and fashion.

Weighting in Spain

Catalan exports represented 26% of total exports for Spain, which rose in 2013 to €234,239m, a rise on the previous year’s figure.

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