Tecniospring: From labs to customers with full guarantees

June 2013.- The highly acclaimed film The Impossible, showed the harrowing experience of a family on vacation in Thailand during the 2004 tsunami in the Indian Ocean. The film received positive reviews from critics and was a big box-office success. The filming was spectacular and dramatic, enhanced by great sound effects, which won several prizes for their high realism. These sound effects were the result of a start-up based in Barcelona and coming out of Barcelona Media, a Tech Centre that collaborates with companies like Dolby, the leading cinema sound company.

Now companies will be able to tap into this knowledge through a program initiated by the Government of Catalonia, Tecniospring.


Tecniospring is a program that allows experienced researchers to work for two years for a Tech Centre under the TECNIO brand, undertaking an applied research project focused on technology transfer. In fact, what the researcher does is to work on the project, using the facilities, knowhow and services of the TECNIO Centre, which also pays the labour costs of the researcher. During the project the researcher will dedicate part of his or her time to expand training skills. The researcher gains deeper knowhow and understanding in short-time-to-market projects, and learns the ins and outs of open innovation and technology transfer.

Register from June 18th to July 18th

Candidate selection will be based on professional experience and the value of applicant’s applied research projects. This fellowship programme is supported by the Marie Curie Actions COFUND grants from the EU.

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TECNIO is formed by a network of Tech Centers and University Research Groups dedicated to Industrial Research and technology transfer in Catalonia. It is based on cutting edge technology, business innovation and management excellence.

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